Press Release: Plant Your Future introduces Charapita Hot Chilli Sauce to the UK market

22 April 2018 –  Plant Your Future, a registered charity, that works with Peruvian farmers in the Amazon basin, is launching its own line of ethically and sustainably sourced hot chilli sauce. The sauce will be available to taste at the Natural & Organic Products Europe Show at the ExCel, London, on 22-23 April. The charity is exhibiting in the Peruvian Pavilion at stand R6.

Charapita Hot Chilli Sauce is made from the charapita chilli pepper, which is native to the Northern-Peruvian Amazon rainforest. This spicy and aromatic sauce will offer UK customers a unique flavour unlike other products available on the market - charapita chilli has been unavailable in the UK until now. This original variety of Peruvian chilli has a heat range between 30,000 and 50,000 Scoville heat units, meaning the sauce will add heat to any dish.

 The chillies are grown organically and are ethically sourced by subsistence smallholder farmers who are supported by Plant Your Future, using well-honed techniques for the best possible flavour. The sauce recipe preserves the charapitas in the fresh juice of locally harvested Peruvian limes.  The use of these tart limes is inspired by the way they prepare charapitas in local cuisine.

 All profits from sale of the sauce go back to Plant your Future, providing them funding to support more farmers to restore degraded land and practise sustainable farming, ultimately protecting the Peruvian Amazon from deforestation.

 Jenny Henman, Chairman of Plant Your Future, says “We’re incredibly excited to be launching Charapita Hot Chilli Sauce to UK customers. The charapita chilli is delicious, and we can’t wait for you to taste it. What’s even better about our sauce is not only can you enjoy a great new flavour in your cooking but it is benefiting Amazonian subistence farmers by giving them a sustainable market for their chillies which they cultivate on deforested land in the rainforest. We’re very proud of our product and hope customers will enjoy it.”

Jaime Cardenas-Perez from the Peruvian Embassy in London says “Charapita Hot Chilli Sauce celebrates the taste and flavours of the exquisite cuisine of Peruvian Amazon people. The exciting spiciness of the sauce encompasses the spirit of the Peruvian Jungle and all its wonders, giving local farmers a platform to have their labours recognised through this unique product”

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