Our Farmers

Sustainability over dependency. For this charity, it’s all about empowerment. Farmers work with Plant your Future, not for them. Donations help overcome the initial financial challenges Peruvian Amazon farmers face in a bid to avoid slash 'n' burn techniques that continue to destroy the rainforest. A mixture of fruit and timber trees are planted and nurtured by farmers. But in the short-term, high value crops such as the charapita chilli are grown in between the rows of the young saplings, producing crops as the trees mature and rise skywards. 

The Charapita Hot Chilli Sauce you buy is providing farmers with a sustainable and fairly priced avenue to sell their crops. And selling direct to Wild Rainforest means they’re avoiding costly intermediaries between Peru and the UK market.


Start experimenting today. Find your perfect Charapita recipe

Tired of mass-produced and greenhouse-grown chilli sauces? Try our authentic sauce made with organically grown chillies, ripened in the rainforest under the Amazonian sun.