The Charapita Journey

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The Journey of our Charapita Hot Chilli Sauce

The charapita chilli is native to the wilds of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. And it’s here that you’ll find our chillies growing — restoring deforested landscapes that have been ravaged by slash ‘n’ burn agriculture and unsustainable cattle ranching.

A wild rainforest chilli

Our chillies begin as seeds selected from the juiciest charapita chilli plants. This chilli is indigenous and up until now an undomesticated variety of capsicum known only in the northern jungle of Peru. Planted and nurtured only on deforested land using organic, non-mechanised agricultural techniques, our farmers’ love and care for the charapita chillies ensures the best possible crop. In their native sunny and humid climatic conditions they flourish – time for harvest.

Harvest Time

In this natural tropical climate charapita chilli plants provide a sustainable harvest every 15 days. Harvesting is a family affair — young and old alike join in to handpick when the charapita has reached its optimal Plump and circular form and golden yellow colour. This small package is now bursting with flavour and spice; heat that’s hitting between a Scoville of 30,000 and 50,000.

Ethical Trade

Our aim is to lift farmers out of poverty through sustainable trade. We are paying fairly for the work that goes into producing the Charapita’s.We are paying a consistent and mutually agreed price directly to the farmers for the chillies. We don’t use intermediaries so the money goes straight to the farmers. Next up- time to prepare for transportation to the UK.

Authentic Peruvian Limes

To ensure an authentic taste with the best possible flavour we preserve the charapitas in the fresh juice of Peruvian limes. The use of these tart limes is inspired by the way they prepare charapitas in local cuisine. We like their style.

Across the ocean to the UK

It’s no easy task getting the charapitas from A to B - our chillies make a fascinating journey from the heart of the Amazon. From the city of Pucallpa, they journey across the Andes to the Pacific Ocean at Lima, up the Colombian coast, along the Panama Canal and across the Atlantic to eventually reach the UK. We’re also sourcing from communities surrounding the city of Iquitos – the largest city in the world inaccessible by road. We’re the first to be to taking on the challenges of exporting charapita chilli sauce from this region to the UK.

In the UK

We’re the first and only people to bring this variety of chilli to UK shelves. It’s fresh and zingy with a fierce kick. So go as mild or as wild as you like — our Charapita Sauce will bring an adventure to any dish you create.

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Start experimenting today. Find your perfect Charapita recipe

Tired of mass-produced and greenhouse-grown chilli sauces? Try our authentic sauce made with organically grown chillies, ripened in the rainforest under the Amazonian sun.

Experience a Peruvian gourmet adventure in your own kitchen