Plant Your Future

Plant Your Future is empowering Peruvian farmers in the Amazon Rainforest, with the goal of creating sustainability over dependence. 

Plant Your Future is a registered charity in England and Wales. It works with subsistence, smallholder farmers in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest to promote sustainable agriculture through the sale of forest products and ecosystem services. Their goal is to reduce poverty for farming communities, while mitigating climate change and protecting high conservation value rainforest.
The Amazon Rainforest is an amazing and important global focal point for biodiversity. It also plays a critical role in maintaining the global climate. Yet, the rainforest is under threat. An area the size of Scotland has already been lost in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. The main driver of this has been subsistence agriculture.

Plant Your Future works specifically with subsistence farmers who have deforested and/or degraded their farms. They provide these farmers with technical assistance and financial support to plant trees and crops in ‘agroforestry systems’ on deforested farmland. The term ‘agroforestry’ taken literally means combining trees into agricultural systems i.e. bringing agriculture and forestry together. The work involves planting a mixture of fruit and timber trees, as well as short-term high value crops that can be grown below the canopy, or in the rows between the trees before the canopy closes over. One such crop is the charapita chilli pepper – which farmers can grow in their young agroforestry systems while they wait for the young fruit and timber saplings they’ve planted to mature. ‘Agroforestry’ systems work in harmony with the natural environment. Including trees into agricultural systems means that soils are protected from the frequent heavy rains. This means nutrients in the soil can be maintained and crops can flourish. The trees also provide a home for rainforest wildlife.

Sustainability over dependency. For Plant your Future, it’s all about empowerment. Farmers work with Plant Your Future, not for them. Donations help overcome the initial financial challenges Peruvian Amazon farmers face in a bid to avoid slash 'n' burn techniques that continue to destroy the rainforest. A mixture of fruit and timber trees are planted and nurtured by farmers. But in the short-term, high value crops such as The charapita chilli are grown in between the rows of the young saplings, producing crops and much needed income-stream as the trees mature and rise skywards.

The Charapita Hot Chilli Sauce you buy is providing farmers with a sustainable and fairly priced avenue to sell their crops. And selling directly to Charapita means they’re avoiding costly intermediaries between Peru and the UK market.

To find out more, meet the farmers growing charapita and see how you can help, visit




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